A site with some great Stk downloads and a great forum.
Probably the most active Animations Forum out there and it evenm has a file sharing service.

Kris's Blog.
Well Worth a look.

Zero Atoms

Seans Blog with its own forum. Worth a look.

Insanity Realm

UNdeads forum.
Worth a visit.


Erics New Forum.
New and in need of members.

Acid Pulse

Cody's Forum.
Fairly active.
Check it out.


Old Man River (or Fangs) space themed art forum.
Check it out.

The Evolution of Gamer

The website belonging to forum member Parivir.
Check it out for a nerdy laugh.

Floating City

Light Darks new forum. Very new and in need of new members.

Stick Machine

Another animations based site made by my friend from youtube.
A place to get your pivot anis ranked.

Image Shack

A site for hosting images.


If you want to host any of your own videos in the forum, you'll need a Youtube account to show them.

My Youtube.

Well, i needed some advertising ok?