More Downloads Have been added to the sticks page.

Dont forget that for your sticks to be available for download, all you have to do is email your stick and a preview of it, along withyour name to

Fission, Acid Pulse, Zero Atoms, and Insanity realm have been added to the Links page.
All are great sites and deserve a look.

On another note the forum is still regaining activity, so if you're  reading this post!
Or join.
But then Post!


W3STICKS is now accepting pivot .stk files to go in the stick section.
Also, the forum is becoming active again, so if you havent already sign up and post!


So yer.
Still a tiny but of activity going on.

And solaris has been added to the link section. Check it out.


Clicking on the forums side bar now takes you straight to the forums - no links!
Thanks to undead from droidz who has given me the html coding to do this.

I've also added calypsoism to the links page.
an odd name, but a decent and growing forum


W3STICKs is now a droidz affiliate and thus is on the links page at droidz.


Floating city has also been added to the links page.


Chalk Board Comics (owned by forum member parivir) has been added to the link section.Check it out, he has a great individual style.


Thanks to Joe Stowell, who suggested getting a games section. so that's what i did.


Hey Guys.
I've updated the links page with some cool and useful sites.
Also, The forums are growing which is allways good.
I'll upload a few animations soon.
In the meanwhile, enjoy.


Hi. Welcome to W3STICKs.
My name is Harry Westaway, But i am otherwise known as W3ST4WAY online. I made this site out of boredom really...
Soon i will add animations and stk file downloads.
In the meanwhile, have alook around and enjoy.